good salty chips


this goes auf

so you're what, like 30? you're a single dad, tell me, how did you even get laid? really, like. you write this really lame poetry that reminds me of 8th grade stuff. like, i sincerely want to know





I’m 36.  Single dad, yes.  I get laid when I want to.  But I don’t just want to get laid.  I want someone to lay down with each and every night for the rest of my life.  So if you really want to ask that question, and really want to know that answer, then there it is.  Feel free to use it against me.  Feel free to ridicule me about wanting to love someone that shares the same interests as I have.  My poetry isn’t lame.  It’s true.  It’s agony.  And ridicule.  It’s being hurt, over and over again.  It’s being made to feel little, at the expense of others.  It’s being bullied in high school.  It’s not having any friends, ever.  It’s living life, alone.  It’s wishing, that someone, somewhere, will love something, inside of me.  Feel free to hurt me.  I am used to it. 

lmao a dakimakura would buck you off like a bronco, slapchops. your touch compels even the inanimate to reject you, hardfarter!!

And in your little fantasy world, the dakimakura is real.  But in real life, it isn’t.   So live in that.  Do you even know what a Bronco is?  It’s a horse, by the way.  Your childish insults have hurt my feelings.  But you are forgetting my broken bones.  Because it feels like home.  In all honesty, I can’t believe this is what our scholastic system is being wasted on.  I hate the fact that I am paying taxes on a worthless human being like you to go to school.You aren’t learning a fucking thing.  I still stand by my opinion that the world needs a new plague that will wipe out three quarters of the population.  The world is over populated, and we need to eliminate the weak.  Only the wolves will survive.  The sheep need to die.